SingSings in the Village-Wacky Wednesday

Singsing, Papua New Guinea, children, Rai Coast, Village

A Singsing is a traditional Papua New Guinean celebration. They are done when there is an event to celebrate, like Independence Day or Christmas. While we were in village living we were blessed to be apart of three different Singsings. Everyone who participates gets all dressed up in bright colors, that include different types of leaves, grass skirts, all different kinds of shells and face paint. Each community has their own unique way of doing it. It almost always involves the beating of a “kundu” or a drum made from a lizard skin, as well as singing and dancing. We had a blast getting to participate in them! They dressed us all up and painted our skin. The picture above is of the Singsing that the local elementary school performed for us. It was so beautiful because the school was right next to the beach and the kids really did sing their hearts out. The other two Singsings were done by our village family for us as we left. We got to participate in these, and then at the end we fed all of the participants tea and popcorn (they loved this!) Here are some photos from our Singsings during village living.

VillageLivingBLOG_79Papua New Guinea, Singsing, men, dancing, childrenVillageLivingBLOG_72Papua New Guinea, Singsing, traditional, dancing, childrenPapua New Guinea, Singsing, traditional, dancing, childrenPapua New Guinea, Singsing, traditional, dancing, childrenPapua New Guinea, Singsing, traditional, dancing, children

Village Living {Part 1}


On our way to the village!


The Rai Coast Highway to get out to the village


All of our family and village waiting for us as we got to our house.


Our house in the village


The Outhouse



Our bedroom


Our wasfamili (host family) in front of their house.


A typical PNG meal. Yams, cooking bananas and sweet potatoes in coconut milk with greens.


Church in the village

Beach, Papua New Guinea, children

The beach near us

Village, Papua New Guinea, children

Back from the Village!


 All dressed up for a singsing!

Well we made it back from the village all in one piece! Thank you all for your prayers, they were much needed and appreciated while we stayed in the village. Please pray for us now as we go to Ukarumpa on Tuesday, find a house and settle into our new home. Stay tuned for more on our stay in the village!


 Evan and I with our wasmama and waspapa.