Faces of Translation-Autoshop

Evan works at the Autoshop here in Ukarumpa. Check out this video to see what his everyday life looks like as well as hear from some of his coworkers about what its like to work at the Autoshop! Have skills in welding, automotive mechanics, or sales? We need you in Papua New Guinea!

Faces of translation – Autoshop from The PNG Experience on Vimeo.

The Garamut Drum {Wacky Wednesday}

Papua New Guinea, Men, DrumsLast weekend I had the chance to go to my first Bible Dedication. What an amazing experience! But more on that later…one thing that I had never seen before (only heard) was a traditional drum made out of a tree log called a “Garamut” (Ga-ra-moot). Each village will carve their favorite symbols or pictures onto them and play them loudly by banging a large stick onto the side of the hollowed out log. Thus making a loud noise that can be used to warn other villages of fighting, or in celebration. It was definitely very cool being surrounded by them at the dedication! Here is a video for you to understand how LOUD these drums are…

Garamut Drum from Sarah Halferty on Vimeo.

Hiking and Swimming {POC in PNG}

SwimPOC from Sarah Halferty on Vimeo.

One of the highlights of POC is the physical side. Before coming to POC we knew a little about it, but not the full extent of the matter! Hiking=vertical. Whether you are going down or up, most of the hiking is slippery and rough.

As for the swimming, we have actually had fun doing this! Both of us have been able to swim 1/2 a mile so far (when we have been healthy enough), and we look forward to finishing our mile! Watch the video above to get a taste of what the physical side of our life has been here so far.

Garage Sale Success!

Thank you to everyone who helped out by donating or coming to shop at our garage sale last weekend! With your help we were able to raise $2,100! Praise God! And we had a fun time while working as you can see by this video. We are so thankful for all of you supporting us through this process! We couldn’t be going without your help.

EQUIP 2012-Orlando, FL

Wycliffe, Orlando, USA Headquarters, Go Until God Says No, Ukarumpa, Wycliffe Bible TranslatorsLast month we went to a 2-week training course in Orlando called Equip. It was such an interesting and inspiring time. We learned a lot about how translation works and how important it is to get the Bible to the Bibleless people. Thank you so much for praying for us and providing the money that we needed to go.

One day while we were there, we went into the Discovery Center which is like a Wycliffe Museum. As we walked around, we came to what is known as the tower and we went inside. As we sat in the darkness of the tower, we waited for the program to begin. We learned that there were still over 2,000 language groups that are in the darkness because they don’t yet have a word of Scripture in the language that speaks to their heart. That represents over 350 million people.
Then as the lights began to come on one by one, people expressed the difference having the Scriptures in their language had made in their lives. We were reminded that this was indeed a cause worth giving our lives to.
One woman said that reading the Bible in her national language was like eating a banana with the skin still on it. But having the Bible in her language was as satisfying and delicious as eating a peeled banana.
Hearing these testimonies of transformation got us excited to be apart of the ministry of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Continue to pray for us in the following ways:

-Our goal date to leave for Papua New Guinea is July 2013.
-Additional funds for a month-long cross-cultural training
in North Carolina in January.

-Pray for our parents who are graciously allowing us to leave them.

Equip2012 from Sarah Halferty on Vimeo.

Join our team of prayer & monthly financial giving partners!

Orlando, Equip {The Need Is Great}

The Need is Great from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

Well we made it safely to Orlando for Equip Training! We have been in class for a little over 5 days now and we are learning SO much. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. It helps so much knowing that we have a group back at home supporting and praying for us as the days go on. Many of our fellow Equippers are jealous of all the support we are getting from our church at 121 Community Church. Here is a video we ran across today about the need for Bible translation for the Bible less. Wow. What a need. A little over 2,000 languages are left to translate, and we need your help to help these translators out!

We were walking around in the Wycliffe Discovery Center today, which is a lot like a museum here at Wycliffe and I found a great saying, “Jesus Loves Me” in the Awa language in Papua New Guinea is…”Sisa inensabe arunawire” which literally means “Jesus wants me in His liver”. Ha. Ha. I thought that was hilarious.