Graduation 2015 and Goodbyes

Graduation, UkarumpaEvan and I have had a great relationship with the seniors this year and are really sad to see them go. Last night was graduation and I just love how intimate the class is. Because they only have 21 they really take time to honor each student. Some of the kids asked Evan and our friend Leah Rigsby to lead worship for the night and they did an excellent job. The next few days are going to be gut-wrenching as we say goodbye to these kids as they scatter around the world. Ukarumpa is such a unique place, but one of the worst things about it is all of the goodbyes that we are constantly having to say. Please pray for us as we say goodbye and for the Class of 2015 as they leave Ukarumpa and start their lives as adults. Many of their parents will be coming back to continue their work here and so many of the kids will be all on their own. Pray that they will take everything they learned here and apply it and that they will continue to love and lean on God with all of their hearts.

Graduation2015_7Selfie stick during the Ceremony!


 Also we made them a funny video about transition and R.A.F.T to leave with. Heres a screenshot of the greatness done by Leah Rigsby, Halbrooks and us.


MeMe’s Dirty Tacos


Tacos, Dirty Tacos, MeMe's Dirty Tacos, Food, Mexican

Every year Ukarumpa International School does a Sport’s Day for all of the High School and Middle School Students. Each student, upon entering the school, is assigned either Alpha (red) or Beta (blue) and competes in Track and Field events on Sport’s Day. It’s always a big event here in Ukarumpa and a lot of people come out to watch them compete. This year Evan and I decided to sell his Tequila Lime Chicken smoked tacos with my homemade salsa. We called them “MeMe’s (pronounced May May) Dirty Tacos” because everyone here calls Evan MeMe (which is goat in Tok Pisin) because of his goatee. Our first day was a hit! We sold out within an hour and a half. It was a lot of fun and we will do it all again tomorrow. It was great having some of the PNGers try our tacos–it was an entirely new experience for them…and they came back for more!IMG_0744


Coaching Softball

This term Evan is head coach of softball and he is LOVING it. He practices with the Middle School and High School boys every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and they are learning all about Softball from Evan and 4 other coaches as well. They also got the chance to play their first game last night against Aiyura Highschool, which is a Papua New Guinean High School in the valley. Our team won 6-1! They will have two more tournaments against New Tribes (Missionary School in Goroka) in the following weeks.  Evan is having a blast coaching these kids.