Thanksgiving 2014


This year we were able to have a great Thanksgiving meal with some of our UkaFamily. Evan smoked a large ham with a delicious Coca-Cola marinade…that was definitely the highlight of the night. And the pumpkin and cranberries my mom sent me in a package! We were really homesick this year as Evan’s family was able to all get together on Thanksgiving up in Iowa. It was hard not being there with them, but we were able to at least say hi to everyone even though the connection was really bad. Please pray for our homesickness to subside!! We are excited though, that Sarah’s parents will be here for Christmas. So at least we will have family here for one of the holidays! I think that is the hardest thing about being overseas is not being home for the holidays. Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving meal here in Ukarumpa…


Thanksgiving and Annual Christmas Sale {Ukarumpa}

IMG_8848Holidays in Ukarumpa are a little different then what we are used to back at home, but at the same time very similar! This year was our first time away from our family, so what did we do? Invited our POC family (as well as some new cool people too) over for a big meal. We had ham, chicken, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes! I’d say thats pretty traditional!

Then on Saturday the store had its annual Christmas Sale, which a lot of people get really excited about. None were more excited than Evan who was 3rd in line! People like to treat it as their “Black Friday” and line up hours before the store opens, there was even some pushing and shoving to get the much wanted items! Here are some photos from today…
IMG_8859Ukarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasUkarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasThe line went all the way around the block!

Ukarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasUkarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasUkarumpa, Store, Sale, Christmas

Fighting the crowds! They had everything from coffee makers to grills, TVs and washing machines! All very pricey, unfortunately not like our Black Friday prices at home.

Ukarumpa, Store, Sale, Christmas

My favorite check out lady

Ukarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasThe front of the store, along with the “Paradise Grill” to the right

Ukarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasThen we decorated our Christmas tree. We didn’t think we would have a Christmas tree this year, but God blessed us by providing a Christmas tree that was owned by the owners of our home! We were super excited to get to decorate it.