Taco {Wacky Wednesday}

10750403_10152925020549042_8932698365380987627_o The Auto Shop now has a new addition to the crew, known as “Taco”. She was originally purchased so that they could get rid of their grass problem in the back of the Auto Shop known as the “junk yard” where there is lots of equipment and its hard to get a mower back there. But next Christmas she will also be the Christmas “Tacos” as well, hence the name. Now before you judge us, we didn’t want the kids to get too attached! We’ve had fun with Taco as we played a prank on our friends who came back from a trip to the U.S. for Christmas. Instead of their loyal dog, Ranger, in their yard, they came home to Taco on their dog line. Harmless fun, until their littlest starts to cry :) But all is well now and Taco is back at the Auto Shop chomping on weeds. She really enjoys her best friends the dogs of the Auto Shop, as she is now their “pack leader” and they all run around together. Its a pretty funny sight. 10865851_886408908076151_5538715553682893896_o10928951_886409064742802_1328382890429632474_o