En route to Papua New Guinea

This weekend we were able to meet our first Papua New Guineans! It was such a cool experience even though it was brief. We were sitting at the bus stop in Cairns and we had missed our bus. So we were sitting there enjoying the weather and waiting when we began to see a bunch of what we thought were Papua New Guineans walking down the road around us. They were all wearing what looked like soccer uniforms. So Evan being Evan asked them, “What is that that you are wearing? What is the Master’s that you are participating in?” They laughed and said Hi, and that they were in what they called “Touch Footy”. “Touch Footy, what is that”, We asked. They looked rather puzzled until one of them piped up with “Rugby!” They all smiled. “Well did you win?” I asked. “Yes!” They exclaimed and we all cheered. It was a great first impression and they walked off in enjoyment.

We leave for Papua New Guinea tomorrow at 12pm (which will be Sunday your time, at 9pm) Please be in prayer for us in the following ways:

-that our flights are on time and safe
-we will have no problems with our baggage i.e. weight or showing up
-that the people supposed to meet us and help us will show up on time
-that customs will not be expensive (or they will overlook us!)
-we will get a good nights rest tonight and tomorrow night in our new environment

Thank you for your prayers, we are a little nervous to go into PNG but we are excited!