Baby Rowen has arrived!

13265973_10208489783055133_1644048410854290157_nFor those of you who have not heard, Rowen Eugene Halferty arrived at 10:53 p.m. on Wednesday evening, May 25.  After a hard and long labor and delivery, Rowen made his entrance into this world.  As parents we were so excited to welcome him along with our family and many friends!  After two days in the hospital we brought Rowen home.  The highs and lows of parenthood became very real that same night around midnight.  While feeding, Rowen stopped breathing and had what we later found out to be a seizure.  Rowen was rushed by ambulance to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth.  Baby Rowen was admitted into the NICU and we stayed one week there with him as they ran tests and monitored him closely to determine what had caused him to stop breathing and have these seizures.  He was diagnosed with epilepsy and has been put on medicine to control the seizures. Through all of this God has been faithful to answer prayer for Rowen from people all around the world.


After the hardest two weeks of my life I am so thankful for this little guy. Motherhood is incredible. I literally went in to survival mode in the hospital; not thinking of myself but only of him. Nothing was harder than seeing him hooked up to all of those machines while he was in the hospital…even living in the jungles of Papua New Guinea! I’ve never held a baby who instantly calms when on my chest and just wants to cuddle and stare at me all day. I am just so thankful that he’s home in my arms this morning. Praising God for His divine interventions in our lives!

Through all of the past months of pregnancy and especially the past two weeks we have experienced God’s faithfulness through some very difficult times.  Thank you for being so faithful to pray for us.  We need your partnership and are very grateful you share in our journey with us.  We ask that you continue to pray for us as we adjust to being parents of a newborn and learn more about God’s faithfulness through the difficult things of life as well as the incredible experiences.