Please pray for Encounter 2015!


IMG_9506This Friday, September 18-Tuesday September 22 is the annual youth retreat called “Encounter”. Most of the high school kids that go to school here, both MKs and commercial kids will have the opportunity to attend. Evan and I are both sponsors this year and are really excited for what God has in store for each one of the kids that attends! Please be in prayer for:

- Each and every kid that comes, that they will encounter God in a real way that maybe they ever have before

- The student led bands that will lead, also our adult band (that Evan and I are in) on Sunday morning!

- The speakers who flew all the way from Australia to minister to these kids, the theme is “The Greatest of These…Faith, Hope, Love”

- The sponsors: for us to have energy, wisdom and strength and LOVE on these kids

Crave [Ways to Pray]

Crave Still-2Please be in prayer for an upcoming event called “Crave” planned by the High School kids at UISSC. This event will be a worship night on March 1st from 4pm-10:30pm where we will have 4 bands playing (2 soul purpose bands and then an acoustic set from yours truly and a full band that we will put together for another set) 3 speakers, and lots of discussion and encouragement time. Pray for the youth (7-12th grade) to get ON FIRE for Christ at this event and worship without abandon. Pray for adult sponsors to help out. Pray for the kids that are organizing this event and that God would give them the time and that things would come together smoothly. Pray for the speakers to speak truth into these kids lives, and pray for our bands as we lead.



So if you guys are up for it we would love for you to be praying DURING this time or the night before. During this time would be 1am-8am (your time) March 1st. If you can do it, that would be AWESOME! Thank you!



Our Soul Purpose Youth Band leading last week…


Turmoil & Tragedy

Recently Evan and I have been asking ourselves, why are we so tired and stressed? Well multiple reasons have caused this and I want to let you in on some things to pray for. First of all, some families that are good friends of ours have left in just a very short time for tragic reasons, without getting to say goodbye. Please pray for these families as they deal with the things that happened in their lives and that God would protect them. And then also pray for us and our community as we also figure out how to process these tragedies. To check out one of the families most recent prayer requests click here-> Leedahls.

Secondly, in response to recent, escalating criminal activity directed at the SIL community in Ukarumpa, the Branch Administration has decided to proactively implement a series of self-imposed restrictive measures aimed at reducing crime. Since Friday, the 10th of October, the Market on centre has been closed.  This action is designed to bring peer pressure on those responsible for recent crimes through the villages in which they reside.  It is hoped that these same communities will benefit in equal measure from the cessation of criminal activity to which they too are exposed. Please pray for all members of the Aiyura valley who are affected. Also pray for the victims and the perpetrators of these crimes.  Pray for the community’s resolve to follow through with this course of action. (official statement)

Another thing that I would ask that you pray for would be that we are not meeting our budget goals. We need another $400 in monthly giving to get back on track. Please be praying for partners to come along side of us and fill in those gaps. Thank you!!