Traveling-Road Trip 2016

We’ve started to travel in the past couple of months to visit partners and raise the rest of the money in order for us to get back to PNG in January. In Iowa we were able to speak to First Baptist Ft. Madison. It was a great getting to share our experiences with them! We had a great response. We were also so blessed to be able to spend time with family while we were up there, and for all of the family to meet baby Rowen. Please pray for us as we are continuing to get hit by intense spiritual warfare during this process. God has confirmed so many times that He wants us to go back, but we continue to get hit with his flaming arrows. We head to Midland, Texas and Tucson, Arizona at the end of the week! Pray for safe travels and a smooth trip with the baby.


Speaking at First Baptist Ft. Madison and riding in cars and planes! 14047111_10157260157660332_5166960512022834747_o 14241628_10157358086510332_6704530087629189639_o