Beautiful Highlands

Papua New Guinea, Village, Highlands

The Highlands in Papua New Guinea are so beautiful. Since moving up here in November we have discovered that more and more as we have ventured to different towns. On one particular trip to Goroka, a town about 2 hours away that we have driven to several times now, I knew that I HAD to take my camera. Every time we past this beautiful little village I knew that It was the perfect picture, but I had never brought my camera because of the safety risks. So a couple weeks ago Evan went with another guy from the Auto Shop to pick up some car parts (a business trip) and I got to tag along. The Highlands of Papua New Guinea are so beautiful, and I knew I had to share it with you!

Papua New Guinea, Village, HighlandsPapua New Guinea, HighlandsPapua New Guinea, Highlands, VillageA traditional house in the Highlands is always round. This is because they will always put a fire in the middle of the house, so everyone can sleep around it for warmth.
Papua New Guinea, Highlands, Village

Gardening is a way of life in Papua New Guinea. Many times you will see people’s gardens on the side of mountains. They say this is the easiest place to put them because then you don’t have to bend down to garden, you can stand straight up and not hurt your back!

Papua New Guinea, Highlands, VillagePapua New Guinea, Highlands, Village

I love this picture of the rolling hills and someone burning ground for a garden on top of the mountain!

Papua New Guinea, Highlands, VillagePapua New Guinea, Highlands, VillagePapua New Guinea, Highlands, VillagePapua New Guinea, Highlands, VillagePapua New Guinea, Highlands, VillagePapua New Guinea, Highlands, Village

Colorado & Seattle {Part 1}

June was such a whirlwind for us. We spent the month traveling and raising the rest of our money that I haven’t had a chance to post much on here! I wanted to share some pictures from our travels, and in 1 months time expect more! Pray for us as we close in on this time of packing and saying our goodbyes.

Colorado, Garden of the Gods

Colorado, Garden of the Gods


We were able to share this awesome trip with Sarah’s parents.


Colorado, fishing, mountainsColorado, mountains


Colorado, mountainsI couldn’t get enough of these mountains!

Colorado2013_023Colorado, mountains, sunsetColorado2013_024This is what it took to get that last shot of the beautiful sunset. Too many mosquitos!

Colorado, mountains, aspenColorado2013_033Colorado, mountains, Pike National Forest

See that little dot right there on the trail? Thats Sarah’s parents!

Colorado2013_036Top of the mountain!

Colorado, mountains, sunset


Colorado, mountains, Pike's Peak

Top of Pike’s Peak!Colorado, mountains, Pike's Peak

Colorado, mountains, Pike's Peak, mountain goat


Stay tuned for pictures from Seattle!