Evan’s job [Engineering Trainer]

As many of you know Evan came to PNG to weld, machine and train Papua New Guineans how to weld. But what does that mean when working on a Mission’s Center like Ukarumpa? Well when he’s not in the shop welding, he’s out in the community welding things like railing, metal grates or pipes. Right now he is working on a project out at Aviation making a helicopter stand for the helicopter maintenance guys. He has also been blessed this semester with getting to teach a Metals 101 class at the High school to 13 students. Some of these kids are children of missionaries, while some are Papua New Guinean kids. He is loving getting to teach and show these kids how to weld and machine. Yesterday I got the chance to shadow him as he worked…here are some examples of what he does on a day to day basis!

Welding out at Aviation…WelderWorking in the engineering shop…

Machinist, Machine

Every couple of months Evan gets a Papua New Guinean apprentice that works alongside him to learn how to weld. His last apprentice, Tony, Evan got to teach him how to drive!IMG_9382


 Teaching the kids in Metals 101 how to use a machine and a grinder