Haus Kuk Weekend {POC}

HausKukPOC from Sarah Halferty on Vimeo.

Haus Kuk, translated literally means “House Cook” which is, can you guess? The kitchen. Each weekend at POC we are asked to cook everything in our outdoor kitchens. We were also required to build our own haus kuk out of bamboo, tarps and string. Just like a Papua New Guinean would build it (although there haus kuks and homes are a lot more sturdy). We also have to go without internet and purify our own water. Just like we will do in the village. It has been challenging cooking over our own fire and coming up with recipes that will work. Especially on crutches! But we have been learning a lot and using a lot of our old camping recipes from the States. One of our favorite meals has been tulip meat (which is a lot like spam) fried with greens, green peppers, onions, and 2 minute noodles. We also really enjoy sweet potato fries! It provides a lot of flavor when you don’t have fresh meat to work with.





Cooking over a fire for the first time!