Lae Regional Centre Managers

Lae Guesthouse, Papua New GuineaThis week Evan and I are serving as Regional Centre Managers in Lae during our Branch wide Conference that is happening in Ukarumpa. The Lae Regional Centre is here for translators in this province, to pick up supplies and send it to Ukarumpa and it also serves as a guesthouse for translators as well as commercial customers. These regional centres are important to the work being done throughout the country. Centre Staff help support the language workers by providing training facilities, purchasing goods, airport and marine pickups, member care, lodging and many other important logistical needs. Evan is working to build a pool deck with two other Papua New Guinean men while I am here to be an office manager, checking people into the guesthouse and helping the secretary. It is fun to serve in a new role and get to experience a different part of the country(the city life!)!


Welcome to Cairns!

IMG_3296Well we made it to our guesthouse in Cairns! We had a great flight, and were able to sleep which was such a blessing. We were able to get through customs without a hitch and God continued to provide through little things, like providing a free cart when we had to walk a long way, or nice people on the plane to talk to and show us where to go. We are so thankful for all of your prayers…they are constantly being answered in such cool ways! Here are some pictures from our first few hours in Cairns. It is so beautiful here, and the weather is amazing.


 The lobby of the guesthouse


Hanging out at the Cafe down the hill…and the pool!