Goodbye Texas!


Thank you to everyone that came out to the airport to wish us goodbye. It was really hard. Evan and I are scared and excited to see what will happen next, but just knowing that all of you are praying for us makes it all worth it. Something cool Sarah’s dad, Ron, said this week,

“God gave me a very comforting image that He is in control. The image of letting them go from the “nest”, but unlike a bird that leaves the nest and works so hard to flap their wings and finally fly, the image I had was one of a nest with Sarah and Evan in it, as they left the nest, they stepped right into the hands of God. He carried them and they were in the full protection of the Father. We can trust Him!”

-Ron Bunyard

Love you guys, we will miss you SO much.



Going Away Festivities

We had some wonderful going away parties during the last couple of weeks. It was such a blessing to able to spend time with all of our friends and family before we leave. Here are some of my favorites from the week:


Kenneth cooking his amazing BBQ at our going away party at 121 Community Church

goingawayparty_13Our amazing sending team leaders and friends, Jonathan and Shelly (and Max!)

goingawayparty_03Our lifegroup leader, Loyd and his wife Mary


Our friends, Shelly and David who will meet us later this year in PNG!


And some awesome friends!




Our beautiful quilt made by Evan’s mom, Jane. It has all of our family’s favorite verses embroidered around the edges.


Last meal with Sarah and her Lightly Photography girls.


Riding go-carts with Evan’s brother Justin!


Our last Ranger game with Sarah’s grandparents!


Last time at our Gilligans lifegroup with our wonderful waitress, Mandy!


Sarah’s last pedicure with her mom and best friend Lydia

Then this weekend we had another goodbye party with family and friends where we got to celebrate with all of the foods that we won’t be able to get in PNG, like bacon and blue bell ice-cream!


My aunt and uncle with our bacon bandaids.



THANK YOU to everyone who made this last week so special!!