Gardening-Wacky Wednesday

DCIM100GOPROGardening in Papua New Guinea is a way of life. Without it you don’t have food or a way to get money in most cases. Evan went to visit our wasfamili’s garden and found it to be on the side of a mountain! Most of the ladies love for their gardens to be on the side of a mountain because that way they don’t have to bend over so far to plant things. They plant things like bananas, yams, sweet potatoes, taro, and coconut. They go to the garden most days and some days they will bring their extra produce to the market to sell and make money.
DCIM100GOPROOur wasmama Judy, in her garden.DCIM100GOPRO

Another garden that they are preparing. First they burn the ground and the trees to fertilize the dirt and clear the land.


Our wasbrother Clive in the garden taking a bath