Village Living-Family Pictures {Part 2}

Papua New Guinea, Village, Family

Living in the village was one of the best times and hardest times in our lives. We loved getting to know our village family, and the hospitality that they offered us was amazing. They let us stay in their brother’s home for 5 weeks, took us places, taught us the language and how they lived and basically looked after us for all of that time. We became very close with the village of Lalok 5. One of my greatest memories was when I got to take pictures of each of the families that made up the one big family line of Lalok 5. They had never gotten their picture taken before, but just like American families (who usually have their picture taken annually) they were nervous about what to wear, where to stand and getting all of the family together in one place at the allotted time. I loved being able to give this gift to them, because as you all know family pictures can be the most precious item that we can own. Can you imagine not having these precious items, ever taken, in your entire life?

Papua New Guinea, Village, FamilyMalfun and his family. Malfun (pronounced “Malpone”, shown here in the Papua New Guinean flag shirt) was the uncle of the family in Lalok 5. He had a hat for every day we were there and was one of the nicest dressers around :) Him and his wife were the most resourceful people of Lalok 5 and sold produce from their garden at the market everyday. Many days Malfun’s wife would leave in the dark and come home in the dark to go sell things at market. Malfun was a fisherman and was out on the water most days looking for fish to feed his family. They had five kids, and we got to be great friends with their oldest two kids, Lesli and Moses (in the back). Moses at age 13 was in first grade and Lesli at age 11 was in kindergarden. Malfun and our waspapa made and taught Evan how to make a traditional drum, the kundu.

Papua New Guinea, Village, Family

The next house over was Lacie’s house. She lived there with her 90 year old mother, and 3 children. Her oldest son, Nathan lived in the “House Boy” where many of the young single men lived. Lacie was one of my best friends in the village. She is always known to have a story to tell you about what is going on in the villages around her. She is also the women’s ministry leader at the church. Her 90 year old mother, Mata, was the first of the line of Lalok 5, and lived through WW2. Stennis, her youngest (in the PNG flag clothes) was one of my favorite little boys. He had bright blonde hair (that unfortunately he shaved off for this picture) and a real gift for art. Eddie, the older boy in the back was always playing jokes on Evan. We definitely had a special place in our hearts for this family.


The “big man” or the leader of the village lived in the house on the corner with most of his older kids and grandchildren. We all called him “Booboo” which means grandfather in Tok Pisin. He was the Father of our waspapa and had 7 children. Most of the children were still in the village. Our favorite little girl, Diane (seen on the bottom right) lived here with her mom, Angela. We had a special place in our hearts for this sassy little girl and wish we could’ve taken her home! Because both of these young moms had children without fathers our was papa, Pedro has adopted these girls. So when Angela and Wali get married they will have to leave their children with our host family because it is not culturally appropriate to have “stepchildren”.

Papua New Guinea, Village, Family

Borat and his family kindly gave us their house while we stayed in the village, and they stayed with Booboo, or the grandpa of the village. Borat was called “man bilong hookim pis” or the man who hooks all of the fish. He loved to go fishing. And on many occasions he took Evan along with him. We knew when Borat came over, we would always have a yummy meal of fish. Borat had 5 children and 1 adopted boy.

Papua New Guinea, Village, Family


Iowa & Oklahoma

Iowa2013_001Evan & his Grandmas

Where have we been?! I know its been way too long since our last post. I know you are just dying to hear what the Halfertys have been up to. Well we just got back from a trip to visit all of our grandparents and family in Iowa and Oklahoma. We started off in Iowa visiting all of Evan’s grandparents and aunts and uncles. We spoke at First Baptist Fort Madison and had a great time with Evan’s family!

Evan's Grandpa Ron and Great Grammy

Evan’s Grandpa Ron and Great Grammy

Iowa2013_002After time there we were off to Oklahoma and saw Sarah’s grandparents in Tulsa, and then went down to Paul’s Valley and spoke at First Baptist Paul’s Valley. Sarah’s cousin, Kenny is the pastor at First Baptist Paul’s Valley and it was great to see him and the response from the church was amazing! Here are some photos…

Sarah & Grandparents

Sarah & Grandparents

Spoke at Paul's Valley Baptist Church

Spoke at Paul’s Valley Baptist Church

Sarah's cousin dressed as a Papua New Guinean!

Sarah’s cousin dressed as a Papua New Guinean!


Sarah took photos for Evan's aunt and uncle's family

Sarah took photos for Evan’s aunt and uncle’s family

Evan's cousin. How cute is she?

Evan’s cousin. How cute is she?

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Christmas 2012

This year Christmas was a little emotional for Evan and I because of the fact that it will be our last Christmas in the States for a while. The reality of leaving is starting to really sink in. We really enjoyed spending some precious time with our family and friends.

We have a few Christmas traditions that we have come to over the years that we both really enjoy. Including going to our church’s candelight Christmas Eve service, followed by our traditional Korean/Chinese food dinner. One of the things that we are so blessed by is that both my parents and Evan’s parents get along so well. Ever since we

were dating they have done holidays together. So for Christmas Eve Evan’s parents come to my parents house and then on Christmas Day everyone gathers at Evan’s House. Another great memory from this year was that it snowed! I was really praying for snow because I knew in tropical Papua New Guinea, we would not see snow for a while. So what a blessing it was when it began to snow Christmas Day! Another sweet treat was that Justin, Evan’s brother cooked Christmas dinner. He was an awesome cook and it really meant so much to us that he did that. We got so many great gifts, but more importantly just enjoyed being around our family. I hope your Christmas was just as great!

Traditional Korean food and Christmas Eve service.

My mom and I got matching Kindles.

Justin and Evan cooking the Christmas dinner this year!


Evan’s mom, Jane buried under all of her presents.

Evan’s brother Justin and his favorite saying..from us of course.

The Bunyards {Our Thanksgiving Family Photo}

Family, Photography, Oklahoma, Bunyard

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week with my Dad’s side of the family up in Oklahoma. We hadn’t gotten to get together for a holiday in a long time so it was great to share our Thanksgiving with them. We played games, shopped Black Friday sales and watched lots of football. My Grandpa also celebrated his 80th birthday with us. Here are a few of my favorites.

Family, Photography, Oklahoma, BunyardFamily, Photography, Oklahoma, BunyardFamily, Photography, Oklahoma, BunyardFamily, Photography, Oklahoma, BunyardFamily, Photography, Oklahoma, Bunyard

Family, Photography, Oklahoma, Bunyard

Family, Photography, Oklahoma, BunyardFamily, Photography, Oklahoma, BunyardFamily, Photography, Oklahoma, BunyardFamily, Photography, Oklahoma, BunyardFamily, Photography, Oklahoma, BunyardFamily, Photography, Oklahoma, BunyardFamily, Photography, Oklahoma, Bunyard

And the one who started it all, my Paw-Paw.