Encounter 2015

IMG_6898Encounter this year was both very challenging and very rewarding. Encounter is a week long spiritual retreat for the high school here in Ukarumpa. When people have asked “How was Encounter?” my response has been intense. Intense worship…intense speakers…intense spiritual warfare…and intense fun. The speakers this year were David and Lynn Wake, an Australian couple who lived here in PNG back in 2008 and lost their eldest daughter to brain cancer. They had such a powerful story it was impossible not to be impacted by them. We were also able to baptize 3 of the kids, including one of our Soul Purpose band members! We were really excited to see these kids make a public commitment to the Lord. Sarah led a discussion group of 10th grade girls and Evan led his Senior guys in discussion. We felt like we were really able to get close to a lot more of the kids. Encounter was an intense time where God really showed himself and we really felt like we had been through war afterward. God won…and thats all that matters :)

Here’s some pictures from the week…

IMG_6455IMG_6472IMG_6534Leah and Alan provided fabulous talent show entertainment as MCsLeah and Alan provided fabulous talent show entertainment as MCs

IMG_6670Evan found his “long lost brother” Yohan….

IMG_6690IMG_6964MJM_1547MJM_2076IMG_6732Worship and Baptisms at the river. 11225217_10153045986746389_6437045154433900534_o-1IMG_6900

Check out this super funny “rules” video we made for Encounter!

Encounter 2014


Thank you to everyone for your prayers this weekend as we went on a youth retreat with the High Schoolers. We were supposed to go out to Goroka, but because of road blocks we stayed at the Training Center which is a great facility on our Center. It was such an awesome time getting to hang out with the youth of Ukarumpa. We played games, had dance parties and most of all worshipped God in a real way. It was great to see the kids really getting vulnerable with God and letting him transform their lives. One of my favorite parts of the retreat was seeing one of the girls in my community group get baptized. We were blessed with great speakers that came all the way from the US to speak truth into these kids lives. It was a great trip with not much sleep, but plenty of fun. Please pray for Evan’s knee as he injured it while playing Rugby with the guys. We are hoping that it isn’t anything too serious! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the week…



Evan playing at Talent night with his 11th grade guys


Me and my discussion group of 9th and 10th grade girls


Our speaker photo bombing the male sponsors