Naming A Baby



This is my friend Elise. We have been friends now for a little over a year and it is customary in PNG for a good friend to name your baby…so she asked me. At first I had no idea what to name a baby…but then it came to me, Lydia (after my good friend) Grace. It was such an honor. She loved the name, and said it was very unique for PNG.

Elise wanted us to take her to the hospital when she was ready to have the baby, so she began walking to our house at 6am after having contractions all night long. 3 miles walking up and down steep hills to get to our house, and she had to stop to go pee in the grass. Then, the baby came…in the middle of a field! She laughed, “Luckily I took my friend with me so that the baby didn’t land on the ground. She caught it midair!” What a miracle this baby is! Many babies are born this way in PNG…pray for these babies and their mothers.