Commissioning Service

121 Community ChurchThis weekend we had our Commissioning service at 121 Community Church. It was so great to know that our entire church is behind us; supporting us and praying for us as we go. We are so grateful for God’s provision over this year as he has provided everything we needed, even when we doubted Him. We are also grateful for the church, and how they have walked beside us throughout this entire time. So many people have spoken about how they are intrigued by how 121 operates, specifically through the “Sending Team”. A group of 20 people that have agreed to diligently meet every month and pray for us. As well as take care of our families while we are gone and send us monthly care packages.

The coolest part of the service, hands down was when Ross opened it up for an “Open Mic” time for everyone to share what they were grateful for, or what ways God has been working in their lives. Wow. It was powerful.

Missed it? Check out the service HERE.

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