Broth on a Rock


This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to a women’s retreat that happened on our Centre. Missionary women as well as Papua New Guinean employees were invited and it was such an amazing time! We learned from one of my good friends, Chris, about Gideon and his sacrifice of pouring broth on a rock to God. God really spoke to me throughout this retreat about waiting on Him. Lately I have been feeling homesick, and restless and God clearly revealed to me that he wants me to wait on Him, wait on his timing. I loved getting to hang out with my PNG sisters and playing games and hearing their stories. One of my favorite ones was from Mama Dudu who works in our Aviation department. She leads a prayer group that meets once a months and stays up all. night. long. to pray for our community, the country, and the valley. They aren’t allowed to bring any personal prayer requests to the group. Then they go to work the next morning here on Centre. It was amazing seeing all those strong PNG women come up to the front and sing us a song and then we prayed over them. Wow. It reminded me of the early church in Acts that got together to pray. Such an amazing testimony to what God is doing here in PNG…


Me and my friend Katherine who works with me in the Director’s Office. She has a little boy named Aidan and is such a sweet woman. I love getting to see her every day and it was especially sweet to be able to hang out with her at this retreat!