Jungle Rescue-Wacky Wednesday

Well as some of you know I sprained my ankle a couple of days ago going down a mountain on one of the hikes. It was quite an ordeal as we were in the middle of the jungle and I had to be rescued out to get to the nearest road.

I slipped on a bunch of gravel like stones going down the mountain and literally had to crawl on my hands and knees to get back up to even ground. As soon as we got back up there was a house that was not quite finished so I rested on that until we figured out what to do. One of the directors of POC was hiking with us so she used her phone to call her husband to figure out what to do because we were at least a couple of kilometers from a place where the truck could get me out. So our hiking leader, Russ, walked out of the bush to find help. He came back with a couple of Papua New Guinean guys who work at POC and lots of village children who followed them in. They were so curious! They followed us the entire way wanting to get in on the action. So a few more guys from the center came and we had a whole crew of men trying to figure out how to get me out. 6 men. A little excessive, I thought…but I soon realized why. The trail back was very steep and at one point we had to cross a creek. One of the men even fell in! I thought I would be next but they were able to keep me up and got to a semi-flat spot. The kids joined around us as the men devised another plan to take me safely up the mountain short cut (which was vertical) to a village where the truck was waiting. They decided that their previous idea, a hammock tied to bamboo was not going to work on this incline so gathered rice bags and cut holes in them to make a stretcher with bamboo poles. Oh wow. I was a little scared as to how that was going to work, but I did what they said a got onto it. They picked me up and took me up the incline, at one point they almost tipped me over because of the steepness of the hill and the smallness of the path (really only small enough for one small man to cross, one foot at a time). But I kept watching the palm trees above me and praying that God would get me out! It took us about 2 hours to get me out of the jungle, but it happened! And God is amazing for giving those men the strength to do it! I was so happy to see that truck.

My ankle is very swollen and I have to get around on crutches now. But how many people have a story like that?! I am so thankful to be okay and it is slowly healing. Please pray that I will have a quick recovery and not be discouraged about missing out on things. Here are some pictures of the event! Happy Wacky Wednesday!


 The initial fall down the mountain.

ankle_02The first rescue contraption. A hammock tied to a bamboo pole.


Crossing the stream.



All of the kids gathered around to watch. Haha…


Stretcher #2 made from rice bags and bamboo.


Taking the “shortcut” up to the village.