Aussie Sayings {Wacky Wednesay}

Well we are back in Ukarumpa, PNG and settling into our routines again. Thanks to everyone for their prayers, my knee is feeling a lot better and getting much stronger. Even though it was unexpected time away because of my knee, we really enjoyed learning Australian culture. We learned all of their sayings like:


Boot =  trunk of the car
Toilet = Bathroom, I had the hardest time saying this without feeling rude
Fringe = Bangs (hair), I went to get my hair cut and had the hardest time explaining that I wanted my bangs cut!
Mate = Friend, or someone you just met but want to be friends with…like “bro”
How’re you going? = How are you? We kept thinking why are they asking how we are getting there?
Uni = University
Cheers = typically Americans would say this when you are toasting with a beverage, in Australia they say it anytime things are going their way, they are happy, or saying goodbye
Brekky = Breakfast
Bogan = Redneck Australian…ha!
Mucking Around = Fooling around
Rellies = Relatives..they like to shorten everything. Which frankly I think we should all adopt, because who can be bothered to say the whole word?
Brissy = Short for the city, Brisbane

#stupidfreakingknee Saga

kneeWell as I sit here contemplating whether or not to buy airline tickets to a flight we may or may not get on to Australia, because we need a visa in hand, I am reminded just how hard it is to live in a 3rd world country. No one prepares you for this, and to say I’m having “growing pains” about what to do, who to call, where my credit card is, what paperwork to fill out, what city to get it done in… etc. is an understatement. It all started with a simple walk to photograph a family on Center. I walked out of the Director’s Office (where my office is) and BOOM! slipped on the gravel road with all of 40lbs of equipment on my back. I felt a twisting/popping and knew instantly something was not right. I was going to shake it off, but the pain worsened and I thought it best to visit the Clinic. As the Dr. was examining me she decided that it was a torn ACL, which shattered my world! I have had knee problems all through growing up and have already had knee surgery on one knee…now the other one?! And of course they couldn’t do anything about it here, because we just have a small clinic on Center, no, I would have to go all the way to Cairns, Australia to get it checked out. After a week the Dr saw it again and decided it could be a partial tear, but there is no way to know without an MRI. So begins the process of applying for a medical visa.

So we turned in our application and waited patiently for the Dr. to give a note and appointment time on our behalf. We get an appointment, Monday June 16th…but thats in a week and a half! So we rush to get all of the paperwork turned in so that we can drive 2-3 hours to go get a chest Xray (the final stage of the paperwork). We got it turned in on Wednesday and still hadn’t heard anything. I call the Clinic in Goroka who will do the chest Xray and they say that their Dr is leaving for 2 weeks starting Monday, so Friday is the ONLY day we can get it done. So we’re waiting, and waiting, and we finally get the approval at 2:30pm on FRIDAY and by then its too late. TOO LATE! So now we have to drive 4 hours and spend the night in Lae to get this chest xray, which we HOPE will get approved by Friday so that we can fly out and be at the Dr. appointment on MONDAY. I tell ya, my faith is being tested!

Pray for Evan as he is overwhelmed with all that he has to do without having a partner to help him with it here. Pray for the visa application to be approved in record time so that we can make our flights out to Cairns, and just for getting around on crutches and all of the logistics! Pray for wisdom as to what to do, AND lastly for the pain to subside and the Dr.’s in Cairns to figure out whats wrong (and not have to have surgery!)


June 13, 2014

After a frustrating week of going down to Lae to get our medical visas, and the internet not working for 2 days (which is what we needed in order to get our visas finished), God used some ANGELS. We finally have them in hand and will be going to Lae again on Sunday to fly out and catch our flight to Australia. Monday is the Drs appointment. THANK YOU for your prayers. I don’t think we could get through this without them!

Welcome to Cairns!

IMG_3296Well we made it to our guesthouse in Cairns! We had a great flight, and were able to sleep which was such a blessing. We were able to get through customs without a hitch and God continued to provide through little things, like providing a free cart when we had to walk a long way, or nice people on the plane to talk to and show us where to go. We are so thankful for all of your prayers…they are constantly being answered in such cool ways! Here are some pictures from our first few hours in Cairns. It is so beautiful here, and the weather is amazing.


 The lobby of the guesthouse


Hanging out at the Cafe down the hill…and the pool!