Aussie Sayings {Wacky Wednesay}

Well we are back in Ukarumpa, PNG and settling into our routines again. Thanks to everyone for their prayers, my knee is feeling a lot better and getting much stronger. Even though it was unexpected time away because of my knee, we really enjoyed learning Australian culture. We learned all of their sayings like:


Boot =  trunk of the car
Toilet = Bathroom, I had the hardest time saying this without feeling rude
Fringe = Bangs (hair), I went to get my hair cut and had the hardest time explaining that I wanted my bangs cut!
Mate = Friend, or someone you just met but want to be friends with…like “bro”
How’re you going? = How are you? We kept thinking why are they asking how we are getting there?
Uni = University
Cheers = typically Americans would say this when you are toasting with a beverage, in Australia they say it anytime things are going their way, they are happy, or saying goodbye
Brekky = Breakfast
Bogan = Redneck Australian…ha!
Mucking Around = Fooling around
Rellies = Relatives..they like to shorten everything. Which frankly I think we should all adopt, because who can be bothered to say the whole word?
Brissy = Short for the city, Brisbane