Go Until God Says No Fundraiser Success!


We want to personally thank everyone who came to our fundraiser on Saturday! It was such an awesome time and God really showed up. Our prayer for the night was that God would show up and “Steal our Show” (a Toby Mac song) and he really, REALLY did. It was incredible how God worked through the people that came to our event, and even through strangers that were just watching from other tables! My favorite moment of the night was when a stranger, from another party came over and asked Diana Parker what was going on? She told him, and he proceeded to bid $1000 towards an auction item! We had never met before, he hardly knew what the event was for. But God had him placed right there at the right time and chose our event to speak to his heart. It was such a humbling and overwhelming experience for Evan and I. We are so excited to get to Papua New Guinea and to be able to tell everyone about what God has done. I hope that everyone that was there on Saturday will share about what God did, because it really was AMAZING.

A verse that was given to Jane Halferty (Evan’s mom) after the event…

Philippians 4:19-20 ” And my God will supply all of your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. Now to our God and Father be the glory forever and ever. Amen.”

Here are some pictures from the night.


 Auction in progress! Over 100+ people showed up!


 Loyd Sawyers in action!

J. Gilligans, Arlington, Fundraiser, Loyd Sawyers, Go Until God Says No

 The awesome girls that baked all of the yummy cakes for the Silent Auction



Jay Purchase in action at the Auction!


A HUGE thanks to David Parker and band for rocking it out! J. Gilligans didn’t know what hit them.


Another big thanks to Jonathan Hollon and our Sending Team for helping us make the night possible! We couldn’t of done it without them!

The Missionary House

God has once again blessed us more than we can imagine. How you ask? Well he has supplied a fully furnished-and by fully furnished I don’t just mean furniture I mean spices, food, pots, pans, shampoo, EVERYTHING we could possibly need or want-4 bedroom house that is specifically rented out to missionaries. WOW! We moved in last night and I have been unpacking our stuff (which we really don’t NEED here. Its crazy.) I’m thinking another yard sale is in our near future. Ha. We were so blessed by our friends and family for helping us move the still enormous amount of stuff that we have. We will be here for a little over 8 months as our suspected departure time will be around August 9th.

One more step closer to PNG!

Layla definitely approves of the huge backyard!

ISI Big Howdy Video

UTA ISI Big Howdy 2011 from Sarah Halferty on Vimeo.

Recently I have been working on a project with ISI, International Students Inc. to create a video that highlights what they call there “Big Howdy”. ISI is an organization that helps international students as they come to university in the United States. Most of these students have nothing when they come here, and no one to help them with the extreme culture shock. So ISI’s goal is to be there for them, to pick them up from the airport, to take them on trips to walmart, etc. The specific ISI ministry I focused on is at the University of Texas at Arlington (My alma mater!) Here is the highlight video for the Big Howdy.