Spring Break 2013 in Louisiana

LouisianaSpringBreak13_025Last week we spent spring break with Evan’s brother Justin and his friend Delaine! We had a blast getting to spend time together and camp out on the beaches of Louisiana. We made lots of memories having campfires every night, cooking good food on a dutch oven, our “pillow talks” under the stars, hammocking, our crazy neighbors and spending our last day in New Orleans. Here are some pictures from the week.

LouisianaSpringBreak13_001LouisianaSpringBreak13_002LouisianaSpringBreak13_003LouisianaSpringBreak13_004LouisianaSpringBreak13_005LouisianaSpringBreak13_011LouisianaSpringBreak13_019LouisianaSpringBreak13_020LouisianaSpringBreak13_023LouisianaSpringBreak13_028LouisianaSpringBreak13_031LouisianaSpringBreak13_036New Orleans, French QuarterLouisianaSpringBreak13_039LouisianaSpringBreak13_040LouisianaSpringBreak13_042LouisianaSpringBreak13_045LouisianaSpringBreak13_046LouisianaSpringBreak13_047LouisianaSpringBreak13_048LouisianaSpringBreak13_049LouisianaSpringBreak13_050LouisianaSpringBreak13_051


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