Sarah’s Job [Media Resources]

As many of you know I am a photographer, videographer and graphic designer here in Ukarumpa. But what does that really mean for working on a Mission’s Center for Bible Translators? Well when I’m not traveling somewhere to make videos or write stories, I have been very busy making videos for people to take home with them on furlough, as well as taking family pictures for people’s prayer cards. Here are some examples of what I have been busy doing the past few months!

Designing and taking pictures for Prayer Cards for people to take on furlough…prayercardcollageMaking personal videos for translators and support staff to use as they go to show churches what they have been up to…


Even creating some videos in different languages, like Dutch, to serve all of the different countries that work here on the center!

One thought on “Sarah’s Job [Media Resources]

  1. Sarah, you are awesome! Great work! Thanks for serving the Branch and all the families in Ukarumpa with your set of skills and talents.

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