The Journey

Our journey began in July of 2011 when I [Sarah] began searching for mission agencies. I felt that I had a calling for missions and so the search began. I ran into many mission groups that just didn’t fit. I even had an interview with Wycliffe Bible Translators through The Seed Company, but was called to ask not to come in that day because of lack of video experience. It was all in God’s timing though as they called me 3 months later asking about my husband’s experience as a welder. “We could really use him.”-they said. So began our process to missions.

We will be serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea. We will be working as support staff, maintaining the Ukarumpa Center that is the base camp for the Translators.

Evan will be serving as a machinist trainer in the Auto Shop. He will be training the nationals how to weld and work on machines, as well as perform maintenance on machines, cars, or at their airfield. He will also be able to teach a Metals class at the International School located on the Center.

Sarah will be working as a graphic designer/photographer in the Communications Department at the Ukarumpa Center. Her job will be to design marketing peices for the translators, work on the website, document the different jobs around the center through video, and travel to different Bible Dedication Ceremonies and villages to photograph them. She will also be teaching an art class at the International School.

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