Rescuing Cars-Wacky Wednesday

Ukarumpa, Rescue, Elementary School, Papua New Guinea

Last week during the Center wide two week Christmas break, Evan and I didn’t get much of a break because he was on call. Every guy that works in the Auto Shop was required to be on call for 5 days to be able to fix flat tires, rescue cars that had trouble, rent out cars and fill up gas for the cars on Center. We had more excitement during this time of on call than any other Auto Shop guy on call-for years! (they informed us later)

One of the most exciting things about going on call is when you get to help rescue a vehicle that has had car trouble. This particular time Evan was called out to tow a car that had been stuck in a ditch. It was quite exciting because well, anytime you get to go off center is exciting! And plus there was a wedding ceremony going on. Weddings in Papua New Guinea are quite different than America because the groom has to pay a “bride price” to the family of the bride. So while we were pulling out the vehicle from the ditch, the groom was presenting all of his best pigs, chicken and vegetables to the family of the bride. After this was over then the couple would be married, and the bride would go to live with her husband. This practice of a “bride price” is widely practiced in the Highlands, and not so much in the coastal regions. Many brides can be priced at 15,000 Kina (roughly $5,600) or more, plus a number of pigs, chickens, goats and produce from their gardens.

Ukarumpa, Rescue, Elementary School, Papua New Guinea

Ukarumpa, Rescue, Elementary School, Papua New Guinea

The pile of vegetables and chickens sitting on top were in the middle while everyone gathered around to watch as the husband presented his goods to the bride’s family.


Everyone gathered around to watch the excitement.

Papua New Guinea, Children

 And as always, some cute kids who smiled at the camera.

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