It makes me so sad to say this but we are giving away our precious dog, Layla. We can not take her to live in Papua New Guinea with us, it is just too expensive. So we would love to find a family that would want to adopt her. If you are interested in taking her or know someone who is interested please email us at

Layla is a sweet beagle mix that is approximately 3 1/2 years old. She is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. She has had obedience training and knows a few tricks. She is looking for a good home with a big yard. She loves to cuddle with you, and go on long walks/hikes. She also loves playing in the water! Good for a home that only has one dog as she doesn’t get along with other dogs very well. She is also good with kids.


2 thoughts on “Layla

  1. Hi! When you say “not good with other dogs” how bad is it? Like, can’t run into another dog while out on a walk bad? Or doesn’t like sharing food and toys bad? Also, is she noisy? I know beagles are noisy hehe! My friend is looking for a dog, and I don’t know if that would bother them or not… Thanks!

    • Erin-She(we) was attacked by a dog that wasn’t on a leash, and was a stray before we got her, so she is pretty aggressive with other dogs. She definitely shouldn’t live with another dog full time, and does get agitated when on a walk and sees dogs. She has gotten a lot better since we’ve trained her on a choke collar, but still has tendencies. After she is with another dog for a while and knows the dog they tolerate eachother pretty well, its just establishing dominance.

      She isn’t noisy at all. Rarely barks, unless trying to protect you. Which we trained her to do because I was home a lot by myself and didn’t want anyone random at the door. Let me know if you have anymore questions!!

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