Iowa & Oklahoma

Iowa2013_001Evan & his Grandmas

Where have we been?! I know its been way too long since our last post. I know you are just dying to hear what the Halfertys have been up to. Well we just got back from a trip to visit all of our grandparents and family in Iowa and Oklahoma. We started off in Iowa visiting all of Evan’s grandparents and aunts and uncles. We spoke at First Baptist Fort Madison and had a great time with Evan’s family!

Evan's Grandpa Ron and Great Grammy

Evan’s Grandpa Ron and Great Grammy

Iowa2013_002After time there we were off to Oklahoma and saw Sarah’s grandparents in Tulsa, and then went down to Paul’s Valley and spoke at First Baptist Paul’s Valley. Sarah’s cousin, Kenny is the pastor at First Baptist Paul’s Valley and it was great to see him and the response from the church was amazing! Here are some photos…

Sarah & Grandparents

Sarah & Grandparents

Spoke at Paul's Valley Baptist Church

Spoke at Paul’s Valley Baptist Church

Sarah's cousin dressed as a Papua New Guinean!

Sarah’s cousin dressed as a Papua New Guinean!


Sarah took photos for Evan's aunt and uncle's family

Sarah took photos for Evan’s aunt and uncle’s family

Evan's cousin. How cute is she?

Evan’s cousin. How cute is she?

Through this trip we raised 10% which brings our total to 90% of our monthly budget! We only have $395 left to raise, would you consider partnering with us?




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