Christmas 2012

This year Christmas was a little emotional for Evan and I because of the fact that it will be our last Christmas in the States for a while. The reality of leaving is starting to really sink in. We really enjoyed spending some precious time with our family and friends.

We have a few Christmas traditions that we have come to over the years that we both really enjoy. Including going to our church’s candelight Christmas Eve service, followed by our traditional Korean/Chinese food dinner. One of the things that we are so blessed by is that both my parents and Evan’s parents get along so well. Ever since we

were dating they have done holidays together. So for Christmas Eve Evan’s parents come to my parents house and then on Christmas Day everyone gathers at Evan’s House. Another great memory from this year was that it snowed! I was really praying for snow because I knew in tropical Papua New Guinea, we would not see snow for a while. So what a blessing it was when it began to snow Christmas Day! Another sweet treat was that Justin, Evan’s brother cooked Christmas dinner. He was an awesome cook and it really meant so much to us that he did that. We got so many great gifts, but more importantly just enjoyed being around our family. I hope your Christmas was just as great!

Traditional Korean food and Christmas Eve service.

My mom and I got matching Kindles.

Justin and Evan cooking the Christmas dinner this year!


Evan’s mom, Jane buried under all of her presents.

Evan’s brother Justin and his favorite saying..from us of course.

Luke 10:2

The verse that God gave us to lean on for our ministry is:

Luke 10:2 “He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go!”

A cool thing about this verse, was that my Dad had been praying this for a long time for his own ministry with International Students. He set his alarm at 10:02 every morning to ring so that he will remember to pray this verse. I invite you to do the same. Set your alarms for 10:02 every morning or evening and remember to pray for us. Pray that the harvest will be plentiful and the workers will multiply. Pray that God will give us the courage that we need. Most of all pray that God’s will is done. We love you guys!