#stupidfreakingknee Saga {part 2}

Just an update on the knee… Evan and I have been staying in Australia for the past two weeks. After getting an MRI the Dr. found that I did not have to have surgery as it turned out it wasn’t a torn ACL, it was that my kneecap twisted out which badly bruised the bone. That is why I was in so much pain. So I have been going to physical therapy twice a week and the Dr. has released us to go back July 9th. My knee has slowly been getting stronger and stronger and it has been nice to get a little time in Australia to relax and heal. Thank you everyone for your prayers!


Shake it Up

Papua New Guinea is always having earthquakes. The country sits right on a fault line. Apparently PNG has experienced 13 earthquakes in the past year and 2 just this month! You can always see these effects in the roads here, with giant potholes that are caused from the earth shifting.

We had heard about them-but never experienced one for ourselves-until last night. It was a weird feeling…the house shook for a good 30 seconds and we just sat there looking at our clothes shift within the closet. Apparently it was a 5.0 that hit just south of the coastal city Lae which is about a 4 hour drive away from us. So I’m sure what we were feeling was just aftershocks. Pray for the villages and people effected most by these earthquakes!


Rescuing Cars-Wacky Wednesday

Ukarumpa, Rescue, Elementary School, Papua New Guinea

Last week during the Center wide two week Christmas break, Evan and I didn’t get much of a break because he was on call. Every guy that works in the Auto Shop was required to be on call for 5 days to be able to fix flat tires, rescue cars that had trouble, rent out cars and fill up gas for the cars on Center. We had more excitement during this time of on call than any other Auto Shop guy on call-for years! (they informed us later)

One of the most exciting things about going on call is when you get to help rescue a vehicle that has had car trouble. This particular time Evan was called out to tow a car that had been stuck in a ditch. It was quite exciting because well, anytime you get to go off center is exciting! And plus there was a wedding ceremony going on. Weddings in Papua New Guinea are quite different than America because the groom has to pay a “bride price” to the family of the bride. So while we were pulling out the vehicle from the ditch, the groom was presenting all of his best pigs, chicken and vegetables to the family of the bride. After this was over then the couple would be married, and the bride would go to live with her husband. This practice of a “bride price” is widely practiced in the Highlands, and not so much in the coastal regions. Many brides can be priced at 15,000 Kina (roughly $5,600) or more, plus a number of pigs, chickens, goats and produce from their gardens.

Ukarumpa, Rescue, Elementary School, Papua New Guinea

Ukarumpa, Rescue, Elementary School, Papua New Guinea

The pile of vegetables and chickens sitting on top were in the middle while everyone gathered around to watch as the husband presented his goods to the bride’s family.


Everyone gathered around to watch the excitement.

Papua New Guinea, Children

 And as always, some cute kids who smiled at the camera.

Nob Nob Wasfemili

Papua New Guinea, Village, People, Children

This is our wasfemili (or host family) that has been taking care of us as we have been at POC. They are such a sweet family and we have really enjoyed getting to know them. Miani, the Papa, absolutely loves Evan and he comes to visit us every Saturday. Evan has been teaching him how to weld. Judy, the Mama, is so sweet and makes us fresh food, like shrimp and eel with lots of sweet potatoes and cooked bananas. They have four kids, Ezekiel, Magdalena, Ludwena and Clive. Ezekiel is the oldest, and was a nephew of theirs who they have adopted. He is a fun kid (in the dark blue shirt) who has nicknamed Evan, “goat” because of his goatee. Clive is a mischeivious little guy who the parents always say has a “Big Head”. Ludwena and Magdalena are sweet girls who love beautiful things like flowers and paper hearts and they love to help out their Mama in the kitchen and go to church. The other two older girls in the family are a cousin of Papa and a sister of the Mama who live with them. We have gotten the chance to eat at their home and at the center a couple of times now and each time we meet with them we have so much fun. We laugh and joke and learn more Tok Pisin. This week is our last week to meet with them and we will cook them a meal in our Haus Kuk (outdoor kitchen). Once we go into our 5 week village stay we will have another wasfemili. It is such a great program, and I can’t wait to meet them!

Sickness and Falling {PNG}

Thank you for your prayers for us over the last day. We had a crazy night the other night. Evan woke up with stomach pains (and other junk) and I fell in the rain and gashed up my leg! All happened between the hours of 2am and 6am. :(

We are doing much better today. Evan was able to participate in class and even swim some of the mile! He did great. Unfortunately I was not able to swim because they were worried about infection in my leg, but I took lots of pictures and video. So stay tuned!

We really appreciate all of your prayers, and know that we are so thankful for you guys. It still seems surreal that we are finally here and experiencing this beautiful country!

Welcome to Cairns!

IMG_3296Well we made it to our guesthouse in Cairns! We had a great flight, and were able to sleep which was such a blessing. We were able to get through customs without a hitch and God continued to provide through little things, like providing a free cart when we had to walk a long way, or nice people on the plane to talk to and show us where to go. We are so thankful for all of your prayers…they are constantly being answered in such cool ways! Here are some pictures from our first few hours in Cairns. It is so beautiful here, and the weather is amazing.


 The lobby of the guesthouse


Hanging out at the Cafe down the hill…and the pool!


Goodbye Texas!


Thank you to everyone that came out to the airport to wish us goodbye. It was really hard. Evan and I are scared and excited to see what will happen next, but just knowing that all of you are praying for us makes it all worth it. Something cool Sarah’s dad, Ron, said this week,

“God gave me a very comforting image that He is in control. The image of letting them go from the “nest”, but unlike a bird that leaves the nest and works so hard to flap their wings and finally fly, the image I had was one of a nest with Sarah and Evan in it, as they left the nest, they stepped right into the hands of God. He carried them and they were in the full protection of the Father. We can trust Him!”

-Ron Bunyard

Love you guys, we will miss you SO much.