Noah and the Ark

Last week at our lifegroup we talked about Noah and the Ark in Genesis 6 & 7. We talked about what Noah went through and how he received this call from God that everyone thought was crazy. Kenneth posed the question, what is your ark? What is your call from God that may take you 120 years to finish, and people might think you are crazy for? He instantly looked at us and said, I know what your ark is. Evan and I looked at each other and smiled. Our “Ark” is Papua New Guinea. Its like even through the opposition and the hardships that we know we are going to face, we still have a heartbeat for going there. That is how we know that it is a call from God. So I ask, what is your “Ark”?


Current Prayer Updates!

-Our goal date is to leave for PNG is July 2013.

-Praise God for providing $1600 for our July training. We still need prayer as we go to Orlando July 22-August 2 for the new member training.

-We still need additional funds for a month long cross-cultural training in North Carolina in January.

-We found a missionary house to live in when our lease is up! We will be moving in December.

-Pray for endurance to finish our online training! It is very hard for Evan working full time and completing an hour of training every night.

-We are just beginning our process of raising a team of monthly prayer and financial partners. Praise that we have had several new supporters join our vision. We invite you to join our team!