Faces of Translation-Aviation

Trained as a pilot, aircraft mechanic or flight coordinator? How can your role help in Bible Translation? Come to Papua New Guinea to help in the Bible Translation effort by flying airplanes or helicopters to remote locations, fixing airplanes or just helping with the business side of keeping an airport running. Check out this video to find out more!

Coaching Softball

This term Evan is head coach of softball and he is LOVING it. He practices with the Middle School and High School boys every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and they are learning all about Softball from Evan and 4 other coaches as well. They also got the chance to play their first game last night against Aiyura Highschool, which is a Papua New Guinean High School in the valley. Our team won 6-1! They will have two more tournaments against New Tribes (Missionary School in Goroka) in the following weeks.  Evan is having a blast coaching these kids.


April Fool’s Joke?

SO like many Ukarumpians today I received this announcement from the Clinic….

On the evening of March 20th, Ukarumpa experienced an electrical storm around 1630-1730. During this storm, the power line to the clinic was inadvertently struck by lightning. The resulting power surge damaged the clinic’s Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). As a result the x-ray machine which is powered by the UPS was inadvertently activated and appeared to remain energized for several hours until the UPS eventually failed at which time the x-ray machine automatically shut down.
Due to the sudden rise of gastrointestinal complaints we’ve seen over the last 10 days, we suspect many people who happened to travel within a 100 yard radius of the Ukarumpa Medical Clinic may have been inadvertently exposed to dangerous x-rays. The most common symptoms of an over-exposure are GI related such as nausea and/or vomiting, upset stomach, and diarrhoea. Left untreated, those exposed may start developing sudden hair loss over the coming weeks.
We encourage anyone who thinks they may possibly have been exposed to use their bathroom mirror in the late evening hours without illumination and look at the face and upper chest for a faint yellow-green glow. Should you observe this rather unique sign of irradiation, please consult the clinic immediately for further testing and treatment.
CTS is currently repairing the UPS which should prevent any similar problems in the future.
Thank you for your understanding and forgiveness,

Your friendly Ukarumpa Medical Clinic staff


I read it. And then I read it again. And then I forwarded it to my mom and said “Could Ukarumpa BE anymore crazy??” And then someone mentioned it was April Fool’s Day. Well played Ukarumpa Clinic, well played.






CRAVE 2015

CRAVE2015 from Sarah Halferty on Vimeo.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers for CRAVE. We definitely felt them that night. It was an amazing how God worked through just a short time of planning to unify the student body and come together in worship. The night consisted of 3 speakers, 2 adults and one senior, 4 bands and discussion groups about various topics, an art room, a fire pit/acoustic worship, and a prayer/encouragement room. We was really cool to walk around and look at the different rooms that were going on between each set. We had about 70-80 kids that showed up as well as 20 adult sponsors. Many adults came that would never otherwise have worked with the youth before, so that was really cool! We led an acoustic set and a live set with various teens within our band that don’t normally play on Sunday nights. The last set that we led was amazing. It was 10:30 at night, and we had been going since 4pm that afternoon. The kids were tired, we were tired but we got up there and rocked out and the kids were so amazing! Looking down and seeing them crying, praising, and jumping/crazy/dancing was a memory that Evan and I will NEVER forget. It was such a sweet time of worship. Also Leah Rigsby playing the drums while singing, pretty memorable!

CRAVE 2015_Halferty2High School, Worship, Mandolin, Papua New Guinea, Ukarumpa

High School, Worship, Papua New Guinea, UkarumpaHigh School, Worship, Papua New Guinea, UkarumpaHigh School, Worship, Papua New Guinea, UkarumpaCRAVE 2015_Halferty1High School, Worship, Papua New Guinea, UkarumpaHigh School, Worship, Papua New Guinea, UkarumpaIMG_0582


Discussion groups about things like Homosexuality, Secular Entertainment, Spiritual Gifts and more…

High School, Worship, Papua New Guinea, UkarumpaIMG_0632
IMG_0597Great speakers and an acoustic worship time by the fire….as well as a prayer room where the students were able to go around the campus and do a prayer walk as well as pray together with teachers.



Crave [Ways to Pray]

Crave Still-2Please be in prayer for an upcoming event called “Crave” planned by the High School kids at UISSC. This event will be a worship night on March 1st from 4pm-10:30pm where we will have 4 bands playing (2 soul purpose bands and then an acoustic set from yours truly and a full band that we will put together for another set) 3 speakers, and lots of discussion and encouragement time. Pray for the youth (7-12th grade) to get ON FIRE for Christ at this event and worship without abandon. Pray for adult sponsors to help out. Pray for the kids that are organizing this event and that God would give them the time and that things would come together smoothly. Pray for the speakers to speak truth into these kids lives, and pray for our bands as we lead.



So if you guys are up for it we would love for you to be praying DURING this time or the night before. During this time would be 1am-8am (your time) March 1st. If you can do it, that would be AWESOME! Thank you!



Our Soul Purpose Youth Band leading last week…


Broth on a Rock


This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to a women’s retreat that happened on our Centre. Missionary women as well as Papua New Guinean employees were invited and it was such an amazing time! We learned from one of my good friends, Chris, about Gideon and his sacrifice of pouring broth on a rock to God. God really spoke to me throughout this retreat about waiting on Him. Lately I have been feeling homesick, and restless and God clearly revealed to me that he wants me to wait on Him, wait on his timing. I loved getting to hang out with my PNG sisters and playing games and hearing their stories. One of my favorite ones was from Mama Dudu who works in our Aviation department. She leads a prayer group that meets once a months and stays up all. night. long. to pray for our community, the country, and the valley. They aren’t allowed to bring any personal prayer requests to the group. Then they go to work the next morning here on Centre. It was amazing seeing all those strong PNG women come up to the front and sing us a song and then we prayed over them. Wow. It reminded me of the early church in Acts that got together to pray. Such an amazing testimony to what God is doing here in PNG…


Me and my friend Katherine who works with me in the Director’s Office. She has a little boy named Aidan and is such a sweet woman. I love getting to see her every day and it was especially sweet to be able to hang out with her at this retreat!


Taco {Wacky Wednesday}

10750403_10152925020549042_8932698365380987627_o The Auto Shop now has a new addition to the crew, known as “Taco”. She was originally purchased so that they could get rid of their grass problem in the back of the Auto Shop known as the “junk yard” where there is lots of equipment and its hard to get a mower back there. But next Christmas she will also be the Christmas “Tacos” as well, hence the name. Now before you judge us, we didn’t want the kids to get too attached! We’ve had fun with Taco as we played a prank on our friends who came back from a trip to the U.S. for Christmas. Instead of their loyal dog, Ranger, in their yard, they came home to Taco on their dog line. Harmless fun, until their littlest starts to cry :) But all is well now and Taco is back at the Auto Shop chomping on weeds. She really enjoys her best friends the dogs of the Auto Shop, as she is now their “pack leader” and they all run around together. Its a pretty funny sight. 10865851_886408908076151_5538715553682893896_o10928951_886409064742802_1328382890429632474_o

Soul Purpose

IMG_9487For the past 6 months Evan and I have been mentoring a band made up of kids in the youth. They perform every week on Sunday nights at the youth church service leading worship for the youth here on Centre. It has been such a great experience to live life with these kids and be able to mentor them as a band. They have grown so much! For example, our drummer Zach who is in 9th grade, just learned how to play the drums last spring, and now he is rockin it! Playing David Crowder country songs and other new worship songs from Chris Tomlin and Rend Collective. We are so very proud of our band.


We want to thank all of you that purchased our new PNG anniversary shirts that our Sending Team was selling this fall! Some of that money went towards throwing both of the bands a Christmas party this year. We had a blast! Evan grilled hamburgers and we watched the movie Elf. You are apart of helping these kids relax after a long week of finals and leading worship this semester!! Thank you!


Thanksgiving 2014


This year we were able to have a great Thanksgiving meal with some of our UkaFamily. Evan smoked a large ham with a delicious Coca-Cola marinade…that was definitely the highlight of the night. And the pumpkin and cranberries my mom sent me in a package! We were really homesick this year as Evan’s family was able to all get together on Thanksgiving up in Iowa. It was hard not being there with them, but we were able to at least say hi to everyone even though the connection was really bad. Please pray for our homesickness to subside!! We are excited though, that Sarah’s parents will be here for Christmas. So at least we will have family here for one of the holidays! I think that is the hardest thing about being overseas is not being home for the holidays. Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving meal here in Ukarumpa…


Ukarumpa Carnival

Carnival, Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea

Every year the High School puts on a Carnival for all of the families around Ukarumpa as a fundraiser for the School. This year was our first time to get to go to Carnival because last year we were just finishing up POC at this time. The kids get really into it as the theme this year was “Candy Land” and so all of the kids dressed up as different characters. There was a face painting booth, ferris wheel, mini golf, pie making contest, bounce house and a nerf gun arena as well as lots of other booths. We had a blast getting to go! Evan sponsored a nerf gun war booth where they took the Band room and converted it into a nerf gun arena. He definitely didn’t feel like he was working all day as he got to shoot nerf guns! Here are some pictures from the day…

Carnival, Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea


Carnival, Ukarumpa, Papua New GuineaCarnival, Ukarumpa, Papua New GuineaCarnival, Ukarumpa, Papua New GuineaCarnival, Ukarumpa, Papua New GuineaCarnival, Ukarumpa, Papua New GuineaCarnival, Ukarumpa, Papua New GuineaCarnival, Ukarumpa, Papua New GuineaCarnival, Ukarumpa, Papua New GuineaCarnival, Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea