K92 Bridge Collapse

10452379_10101561084671158_2179499284613072170_n[Official Report] About 7am this morning (6 Aug 2014) a commercial fuel tanker attempted to cross the Kingston Bridge traveling from Kainantu towards the Aiyura Valley. While the truck was on the bridge the bridge collapsed under the load. Both the bridge and the truck fell into the river below. Reports are that the driver is okay, but we have no further information on his condition. The bridge is not passable by vehicle.

635429194778706726P1100556_cropped_resizedPlease pray for the situation with the Kainantu bridge. It is our only link to the world outside our valley. Any supplies we need have to come over it and we use it to get to other places in the country. Pray that a new bridge is installed soon, and for the people effected (it is a huge water source for many, and now it is contaminated by the fuel truck that went in when it collapsed). Also pray for short term ways we can problem solve by getting things to and from Ukarumpa by road..

Going to Saidor May 12-16 [Gwahatike Project]

Next week Evan and I head for Saidor with some of our good friends the Jagts. They Jagts are working as liasons for a group of 6 translation teams down on the coastal town of Saidor (near where we had POC training, Madang). These 6 translation teams are unique because they are all Papua New Guineans working towards the goal of seeing their languages have a Bible. It is a cool story and I am so happy to be filming it (and that Evan gets to come along too!). Stay tuned for the final product! Please be praying for our trip, as we have to take an SIL Flight (tiny airplane) and then either hike or take a 4 wheeler up to the village we will be staying at, Umbaldi. Pray for no technical difficulties with my equipment and that we will get all of the footage that the Lord wants us to get. Also be praying for the Saidor area as we heard that they are in a food shortage because they are having trouble with their only food sources, their gardens. I am excited to see what God has in store for this trip, and what he is doing in the Gwahatike (Gwa-ha-tee-ka) area.

We are in the Kainantu area, and we will be flying to Saidor, the red dot on the map.

map of saidor, papua new guinea


Heres another story about the Saidor area.


A HUGE Blessing! First Time Home-Owners!


Back in 2012 God must have known what he was doing, because we posted this blog post…


We wanted to show you all what houses looked like in Papua New Guinea. Unknowingly, we began looking for houses in Ukarumpa to buy and came across one that we liked a lot. It needed some fixing up, so the owners decided to GIFT us this house. WOW! Crazy huh? Most houses here costs between $10,000-30,000, so to be given a house is such a blessing. Turns out-it was the same exact house that we posted pictures of back in May 2012! I just can’t get over how God works in our lives sometimes…and I feel like this verse really applies…

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD.” He knows ya’ll…

So we are now FIRST TIME home owners in Papua New Guinea, never could have imagined that! A HUGE thank you to the Oates family for gifting us this house!



Plane Tickets Purchased!

We purchased our tickets to go to PNG today! We could not have done it without your prayers and support. We could not ask for a better team than you.

We will be leaving from Dallas Airport August 5th. First we will fly to Los Angeles and we will then fly to Auckland, New Zealand and on to Cairns, Australia. We will be in Cairns for five days to rest and recuperate from jet lag. From Cairns we will fly to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and then on to our final destination, Madang, Papua New Guinea to begin training at our Pacific Orientation Course.

Please continue to pray for our visas, we are still waiting on them and have not heard an update on that. Also pray for us as we finish up our packing tonight and turn it in to the Dallas SIL Center tomorrow to be shipped to Waxhaw, North Carolina by July 10th.

Only $106!!

We only have $106 left of our monthly goal set by Wycliffe to raise! Would you consider closing the gap and bringing us up to 100% so that we can leave for Papua New Guinea by August 4th?

Our Praise for the day!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His faithful love endures forever. Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others he has redeemed you from your enemies.”

Psalm 107:1-2 NLT



It makes me so sad to say this but we are giving away our precious dog, Layla. We can not take her to live in Papua New Guinea with us, it is just too expensive. So we would love to find a family that would want to adopt her. If you are interested in taking her or know someone who is interested please email us at sarah_halferty@wycliffe.org

Layla is a sweet beagle mix that is approximately 3 1/2 years old. She is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. She has had obedience training and knows a few tricks. She is looking for a good home with a big yard. She loves to cuddle with you, and go on long walks/hikes. She also loves playing in the water! Good for a home that only has one dog as she doesn’t get along with other dogs very well. She is also good with kids.


Goodbye Big Red!



This week we said goodbye to Evan’s truck he so affectionately named “Big Red”. We were able to sell it in just three short days thanks to the power of God. Then from that money we were able to purchase the trunks that we will need to pack up all of our stuff for shipping it in July. Things are starting to move fast!

Next week we will be going on a trip to Iowa and Oklahoma to visit family and speak at a church. We are excited to see everyone and hope that you will continue to pray for us and our travels!

-Evan and Sarah