Auction & Fundraiser

14976688_10157638937565332_64032145002246360_oThank you to everyone that made it out to our Auction and Fundraiser last weekend! It was a great success! With your help we were able to make over $3,700 towards our goal of buying a car and getting back to PNG. Praise God! We had a great time as Lloyd led a live auction, a silent auction and we had a dinner of wings/burgers/hotdogs and worship led by our friends Zech, Lydia, David and Julia. Thank you to all of our volunteers!

We are still $1558 short for our monthly goal. That is roughly just 16 more people partnering at $100 a month! If you have considered partnering with us in the past but just haven’t signed up yet, please sign up! We can’t buy our plane tickets until you do.


Dinner & Auction Fundraiser

You’re invited to attend our partner dinner and live auction on November 5th from 5pm-8pm at 121 Community Church in Grapevine, TX. We are excited to announce that there will be LIVE music from David Parker as well as a LIVE auction of items done by our very own auctioneer, Loyd Sawyers. Mark your calendars, because this is an event you won’t want to miss!


Traveling-Road Trip 2016

We’ve started to travel in the past couple of months to visit partners and raise the rest of the money in order for us to get back to PNG in January. In Iowa we were able to speak to First Baptist Ft. Madison. It was a great getting to share our experiences with them! We had a great response. We were also so blessed to be able to spend time with family while we were up there, and for all of the family to meet baby Rowen. Please pray for us as we are continuing to get hit by intense spiritual warfare during this process. God has confirmed so many times that He wants us to go back, but we continue to get hit with his flaming arrows. We head to Midland, Texas and Tucson, Arizona at the end of the week! Pray for safe travels and a smooth trip with the baby.


Speaking at First Baptist Ft. Madison and riding in cars and planes! 14047111_10157260157660332_5166960512022834747_o 14241628_10157358086510332_6704530087629189639_o

Baby Rowen has arrived!

13265973_10208489783055133_1644048410854290157_nFor those of you who have not heard, Rowen Eugene Halferty arrived at 10:53 p.m. on Wednesday evening, May 25.  After a hard and long labor and delivery, Rowen made his entrance into this world.  As parents we were so excited to welcome him along with our family and many friends!  After two days in the hospital we brought Rowen home.  The highs and lows of parenthood became very real that same night around midnight.  While feeding, Rowen stopped breathing and had what we later found out to be a seizure.  Rowen was rushed by ambulance to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth.  Baby Rowen was admitted into the NICU and we stayed one week there with him as they ran tests and monitored him closely to determine what had caused him to stop breathing and have these seizures.  He was diagnosed with epilepsy and has been put on medicine to control the seizures. Through all of this God has been faithful to answer prayer for Rowen from people all around the world.


After the hardest two weeks of my life I am so thankful for this little guy. Motherhood is incredible. I literally went in to survival mode in the hospital; not thinking of myself but only of him. Nothing was harder than seeing him hooked up to all of those machines while he was in the hospital…even living in the jungles of Papua New Guinea! I’ve never held a baby who instantly calms when on my chest and just wants to cuddle and stare at me all day. I am just so thankful that he’s home in my arms this morning. Praising God for His divine interventions in our lives!

Through all of the past months of pregnancy and especially the past two weeks we have experienced God’s faithfulness through some very difficult times.  Thank you for being so faithful to pray for us.  We need your partnership and are very grateful you share in our journey with us.  We ask that you continue to pray for us as we adjust to being parents of a newborn and learn more about God’s faithfulness through the difficult things of life as well as the incredible experiences.


Baby on the way!

Lightly Photography, maternityWe have been patiently waiting for baby Rowen to get here the past nine months and that time has finally arrived! Sarah has been having high blood pressure the past few weeks and has been on bed rest so the doctor wants to go ahead and induce her a couple weeks early. So Rowen should be here this Wednesday, May 25th! Please pray for a safe delivery, for her blood pressure to go down and for a healthy baby boy.

Lightly Photography, maternity


10295417_10156477808530332_1555541911731683028_oA couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to go to Orlando to the Wycliffe Headquarters and go to “Connect”. Connect is a time where Wycliffe hosts missionaries who have been on the field. We shared times of debrief, connecting with Wycliffe USA through business meetings and a time of rest.