A HUGE Blessing! First Time Home-Owners!


Back in 2012 God must have known what he was doing, because we posted this blog post…


We wanted to show you all what houses looked like in Papua New Guinea. Unknowingly, we began looking for houses in Ukarumpa to buy and came across one that we liked a lot. It needed some fixing up, so the owners decided to GIFT us this house. WOW! Crazy huh? Most houses here costs between $10,000-30,000, so to be given a house is such a blessing. Turns out-it was the same exact house that we posted pictures of back in May 2012! I just can’t get over how God works in our lives sometimes…and I feel like this verse really applies…

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD.” He knows ya’ll…

So we are now FIRST TIME home owners in Papua New Guinea, never could have imagined that! A HUGE thank you to the Oates family for gifting us this house!



2 thoughts on “A HUGE Blessing! First Time Home-Owners!

  1. Yo Evan and Sarah! Your new pad looks awesome. What a blessing from God to have it gifted! I bet it’s awesome to have a place to call home. Hope you guys are doing well and really hoping to see you guys when we get back to PNG. Much love,
    Chris and Nicole.

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