Banquet 2015

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This year Evan Halferty​ and I were asked to participate in the banquet play that is made up of parents of the Seniors. We had a blast coming up with funny “ads” or commercial breaks during each of the scenes, and definitely got lots of laughs. Each year the parents of the seniors come up with a funny play that includes lots of inside jokes as well as funny things about their teens. This year’s theme for Banquet was “London” and it was a lot of fun to help transform the Teen Centre into that theme for the teens. Then, the whole community comes out on Saturday for ENCORE to watch the play as well as take a look at all of the parents hard work and raise money for next year.


Here’s the class of 2015. Love these kids! Don’t they look so nice all dressed up?


MeMe’s Dirty Tacos


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Every year Ukarumpa International School does a Sport’s Day for all of the High School and Middle School Students. Each student, upon entering the school, is assigned either Alpha (red) or Beta (blue) and competes in Track and Field events on Sport’s Day. It’s always a big event here in Ukarumpa and a lot of people come out to watch them compete. This year Evan and I decided to sell his Tequila Lime Chicken smoked tacos with my homemade salsa. We called them “MeMe’s (pronounced May May) Dirty Tacos” because everyone here calls Evan MeMe (which is goat in Tok Pisin) because of his goatee. Our first day was a hit! We sold out within an hour and a half. It was a lot of fun and we will do it all again tomorrow. It was great having some of the PNGers try our tacos–it was an entirely new experience for them…and they came back for more!IMG_0744


Faces of Translation-Aviation

Trained as a pilot, aircraft mechanic or flight coordinator? How can your role help in Bible Translation? Come to Papua New Guinea to help in the Bible Translation effort by flying airplanes or helicopters to remote locations, fixing airplanes or just helping with the business side of keeping an airport running. Check out this video to find out more!

Coaching Softball

This term Evan is head coach of softball and he is LOVING it. He practices with the Middle School and High School boys every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and they are learning all about Softball from Evan and 4 other coaches as well. They also got the chance to play their first game last night against Aiyura Highschool, which is a Papua New Guinean High School in the valley. Our team won 6-1! They will have two more tournaments against New Tribes (Missionary School in Goroka) in the following weeks.  Evan is having a blast coaching these kids.