Taco {Wacky Wednesday}

10750403_10152925020549042_8932698365380987627_o The Auto Shop now has a new addition to the crew, known as “Taco”. She was originally purchased so that they could get rid of their grass problem in the back of the Auto Shop known as the “junk yard” where there is lots of equipment and its hard to get a mower back there. But next Christmas she will also be the Christmas “Tacos” as well, hence the name. Now before you judge us, we didn’t want the kids to get too attached! We’ve had fun with Taco as we played a prank on our friends who came back from a trip to the U.S. for Christmas. Instead of their loyal dog, Ranger, in their yard, they came home to Taco on their dog line. Harmless fun, until their littlest starts to cry :) But all is well now and Taco is back at the Auto Shop chomping on weeds. She really enjoys her best friends the dogs of the Auto Shop, as she is now their “pack leader” and they all run around together. Its a pretty funny sight. 10865851_886408908076151_5538715553682893896_o10928951_886409064742802_1328382890429632474_o

My Parents Visit to PNG

ChristmasPortraitMy (Sarah’s) parents were able to come for three weeks this Christmas break!! It was so great having them here for the holidays. They were able to really experience what our lives are like here in PNG and it was great to see their reactions to things. We kept them busy by taking them to the local town, Kainantu, to go to the market. We also went to distribute Bibles to a remote village on top of a nearby mountain, as well as shared a traditional meal called a “Mumu” with a Papua New Guinean friend, Mama Carol and her family. One of the highlights for my Dad and Evan was getting to go to a Bible Dedication on Christmas Eve! But more on that later. One of the highlights for me was just being able to spend time with them and do my new “normal” life with them. My Dad got very experienced doing laundry and hanging it up every day (and taking them down quickly before it rains). My mom also got to cook a lot from scratch and do dishes, which takes up a lot of my time here…so I was SO thankful for that. After Christmas we all took a trip down to Madang on the coast and enjoyed the beach for a couple of days before my parents left. Funny story about going down to Madang-It was the bumpiest ride my parents had EVER experienced…5 hours of it and my mom was wearing her pedometer the whole time which calculated every bump…11,800 bumps later and we were in Madang! Ha. Thats PNG roads for ya.

It was really great having them here to experience PNG and live life with us for 3 weeks. I miss them so much, but I am glad that we got to spend that quality time with them. It will be hard to go back to normal life again! Here are a few pictures from their trip.

IMG_0042 IMG_0028

Weighing on the scale in order to get on their flight to Ukarumpa! 10868175_10154855792225332_9180188693021750237_n 1375828_10154869205050332_354543294799129006_n


Our drive out to distribute BiblesIMG_0518 IMG_0520 IMG_0563 IMG_0247IMG_0721

A traditional meal, or “Mumu” steamed under rocks in the ground

IMG_0735 IMG_0737 IMG_0739 IMG_0751IMG_0099 IMG_0141

They loved their Tim Tams! A chocolate cookie thats especially good with a hot drink.


Mom and I making home made pizza.


We played lots of games!

IMG_0271 IMG_0292

Mom and her baking on Christmas…Dad couldn’t resist!

IMG_0316 10858591_10152901636078187_6620943959920373372_n

Christmas Day selfie!10452380_10154897001800332_8672496693748579440_n

On the trip down to Madang.


It was great to eat at restaurants and act like tourists!

IMG_039710885049_10154905738005332_5386156806891599328_n 10613145_10154905736685332_6174265530969231415_n10915188_10155048932485051_6225511927572722416_n