Going to Saidor May 12-16 [Gwahatike Project]

Next week Evan and I head for Saidor with some of our good friends the Jagts. They Jagts are working as liasons for a group of 6 translation teams down on the coastal town of Saidor (near where we had POC training, Madang). These 6 translation teams are unique because they are all Papua New Guineans working towards the goal of seeing their languages have a Bible. It is a cool story and I am so happy to be filming it (and that Evan gets to come along too!). Stay tuned for the final product! Please be praying for our trip, as we have to take an SIL Flight (tiny airplane) and then either hike or take a 4 wheeler up to the village we will be staying at, Umbaldi. Pray for no technical difficulties with my equipment and that we will get all of the footage that the Lord wants us to get. Also be praying for the Saidor area as we heard that they are in a food shortage because they are having trouble with their only food sources, their gardens. I am excited to see what God has in store for this trip, and what he is doing in the Gwahatike (Gwa-ha-tee-ka) area.

We are in the Kainantu area, and we will be flying to Saidor, the red dot on the map.

map of saidor, papua new guinea


Heres another story about the Saidor area.