Rain, Rain Come This Way!

Hey Blog Followers-we need major prayer right now for rain. Evan installed our new water tank last weekend and after the week before of nonstop rain, we were sure that we would get it filled up quickly. But no such luck-with hardly any rain this week, Evan and I are struggling just to get enough drinking water. Please pray that it will rain buckets and fill up our 1000 gallon tank!

Also be praying for the funds to pay for the water tank. As it is our only form of drinking water we desperately needed one after moving into this house and so we were forced to purchase one that we do not have the money for. Click HERE to give towards our water tank.

Thank you for praying for us and following this blog!

The Butcher Shop-Wacky Wednesday

Papua New GuineaOn one of Evan’s recent trips he ran in to a crazy sight! The local market on the side of the road also featured a “butcher shop” (which was actually just tarps with fresh meat laid on top). Since they don’t have electricity in most villages, that means no refrigeration for the meat. How do they keep the flies away you ask? Just make a handy fan out of palm leaves and you’re good to go!