A HUGE Blessing! First Time Home-Owners!


Back in 2012 God must have known what he was doing, because we posted this blog post…


We wanted to show you all what houses looked like in Papua New Guinea. Unknowingly, we began looking for houses in Ukarumpa to buy and came across one that we liked a lot. It needed some fixing up, so the owners decided to GIFT us this house. WOW! Crazy huh? Most houses here costs between $10,000-30,000, so to be given a house is such a blessing. Turns out-it was the same exact house that we posted pictures of back in May 2012! I just can’t get over how God works in our lives sometimes…and I feel like this verse really applies…

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD.” He knows ya’ll…

So we are now FIRST TIME home owners in Papua New Guinea, never could have imagined that! A HUGE thank you to the Oates family for gifting us this house!



Showing the Jesus Film

Jesus Film, Papua New Guinea, UkarumpaLast weekend Evan went out to a village to show the Jesus Film with a team of guys from Ukarumpa. Two teams went out to two separate villages. Even though there were several technical difficulties with the projector and technology, they were still able to show it…even if it was on a 10 inch screen inside one of the houses. Over 100 people showed up to watch it! Then they were able to sell all sorts of different Bibles to the people, Bibles in their language, English Bibles and Audio Bibles. It was a unique experience that Evan was so thankful to be apart of.

IMG_7766Jesus Film, Papua New Guinea, Ukarumpa

Bibles in their own language waiting to be distributed.Jesus Film, Papua New Guinea, UkarumpaIMG_7803Jesus Film, Papua New Guinea, UkarumpaJesus Film, Papua New Guinea, Ukarumpa, BiblesJesus Film, Papua New Guinea, Ukarumpa, BiblesJesus Film, Papua New Guinea, Ukarumpa, Bibles, VillageJesus Film, Papua New Guinea, Ukarumpa, Bibles, VillageJesus Film, Papua New Guinea, Ukarumpa, Bibles, Village

Gathered around listening to an Audi-Bible (Audio Bible)

Jesus Film, Papua New Guinea, Ukarumpa, Bibles, VillageJesus Film, Papua New Guinea, Ukarumpa, Bibles, VillageJesus Film, Papua New Guinea, Ukarumpa, Bibles, VillageIMG_7852

Jesus Film, Papua New Guinea, Ukarumpa, Bibles, Village

Raising Up Young Leaders in PNG

AiyuraHighschoolConcert_SarahHalferty_5God is moving in Papua New Guinea. It was clear a few weeks ago when I had the opportunity to attend a gathering at Airyura Highschool where the teens from Ukarumpa International Highschool led a leadership worship concert for the kids there. The theme was “Make God famous and let your light shine”.  The class had to do everything themselves and plan the entire event. It went off perfectly and God really showed up as several of the students shared from their hearts to their peers. Another great moment was when Andrew Quinberry (a former student from Airyura Highschool) and now currently a Papua New Guinean lawyer for SIL got up to speak and told the students that he had been in their shoes, in those same seats and had taken a stand for Christ. When he said those words the Aiyuran students began to stand up and come down to the front to pray. Culturally, this kind of public statement does not happen very often. So to see it from these future Papua New Guinean leaders was incredible.


Our students leading the Aiyura Highschool kids in worship.AiyuraHighschoolConcert_SarahHalferty_4AiyuraHighschoolConcert_SarahHalferty_6

Our SIL group praying for the students.



Another highlight was seeing the kids from Ukarumpa perform a dance with colorful flags and singing. The Papua New Guinean students loved it.


Shake it Up

Papua New Guinea is always having earthquakes. The country sits right on a fault line. Apparently PNG has experienced 13 earthquakes in the past year and 2 just this month! You can always see these effects in the roads here, with giant potholes that are caused from the earth shifting.

We had heard about them-but never experienced one for ourselves-until last night. It was a weird feeling…the house shook for a good 30 seconds and we just sat there looking at our clothes shift within the closet. Apparently it was a 5.0 that hit just south of the coastal city Lae which is about a 4 hour drive away from us. So I’m sure what we were feeling was just aftershocks. Pray for the villages and people effected most by these earthquakes!


Children’s Home {Faces of Bible Translation}

Check out this video series Sarah is currently working on called the Faces of Bible Translation. We are looking for couples that love teens to be Children’s Home Parents. See the video for more information and how they play a vital role in Bible Translation. Pray with us!