Happy 6 months in PNG-Wacky Wednesday

Well today marks our 6 month anniversary in Papua New Guinea! We have at a great 6 months…in fact it doesn’t even seem like its been that long! The time has definitely flown by. We are absolutely loving it here, loving our jobs and settling into our new life and new culture. Of course everything hasn’t been easy. Theres been lots of sickness and just plain culture shock….but God has been here through it all and we can really see his will for us to be here. Just an update on us, we are both currently in 3 Bible Studies each. Ha-you laugh and might think wow, they are sure learning about the Bible a lot, and we are! But honestly we are really enjoying connecting with people while also learning more about God. Evan is getting to lead a 10th grade guys group on Wednesday nights that he is super pumped about. I am getting to attend a women’s bible study Wednesday mornings that I really enjoy. And we both attend 2 more groups as a couple. We are starting to get super busy with both of our jobs and we LOVE it. God really molded us to be able to fit into these jobs perfectly. It’s definitely amazing! We are awaiting our new puppies that will join us in March, as well as we have adopted a chicken (and are still watching our foster dog Buddy)…so we’re starting our farm :) AND we get to drive around a Tuk Tuk! Evan has had lots of fun fixing up the Tuk Tuk so that we can drive it around Center.

But more on that later :)

I haven’t posted a Wacky Wednesday in a while so here ya go. A typical household pet here in PNG, a Kapul. I guess you could call them tree kangaroos? They are furry and soft with a possum like tail to grip the trees. IMG_3867

Location, Location, Location


If any of you have been wondering, what does Ukarumpa look like? And where do they live in relationship to everything else on Center? Well look no further, here is your answer. This is an aerial shot taken of Ukarumpa. I have drawn circles around the various important things around Center. Like our house, and the Auto Shop and my office in the Director’s Office. So our house is at the bottom of the hill, while everything else is up on top!