Thanksgiving and Annual Christmas Sale {Ukarumpa}

IMG_8848Holidays in Ukarumpa are a little different then what we are used to back at home, but at the same time very similar! This year was our first time away from our family, so what did we do? Invited our POC family (as well as some new cool people too) over for a big meal. We had ham, chicken, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes! I’d say thats pretty traditional!

Then on Saturday the store had its annual Christmas Sale, which a lot of people get really excited about. None were more excited than Evan who was 3rd in line! People like to treat it as their “Black Friday” and line up hours before the store opens, there was even some pushing and shoving to get the much wanted items! Here are some photos from today…
IMG_8859Ukarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasUkarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasThe line went all the way around the block!

Ukarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasUkarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasUkarumpa, Store, Sale, Christmas

Fighting the crowds! They had everything from coffee makers to grills, TVs and washing machines! All very pricey, unfortunately not like our Black Friday prices at home.

Ukarumpa, Store, Sale, Christmas

My favorite check out lady

Ukarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasThe front of the store, along with the “Paradise Grill” to the right

Ukarumpa, Store, Sale, ChristmasThen we decorated our Christmas tree. We didn’t think we would have a Christmas tree this year, but God blessed us by providing a Christmas tree that was owned by the owners of our home! We were super excited to get to decorate it.

We made it to Ukarumpa!

ukarumpa, papua new guinea, sign

We made it to Ukarumpa last week and we are enjoying our new home. We moved into a house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, plenty of room for visitors! It is a nice home located next to the cow pasture and plenty of Papua New Guineans live across the street (which we love!). Today we hired a family to help us take care of our yard, they were so sweet and we are excited to get to know them. They told us to call them “mama” and “papa”. We are going through Orientation until tomorrow, and then Monday we will start our official jobs. Evan has already gotten to go to the Auto Shop and put all of his tools away, as well as meet the guys. I have met my boss and found my office in the Director’s building where I will be working. We are excited to finally get to work!

ukarumpahouseukarumpa, garden, papua new guinea

Village Living {Part 1}


On our way to the village!


The Rai Coast Highway to get out to the village


All of our family and village waiting for us as we got to our house.


Our house in the village


The Outhouse



Our bedroom


Our wasfamili (host family) in front of their house.


A typical PNG meal. Yams, cooking bananas and sweet potatoes in coconut milk with greens.


Church in the village

Beach, Papua New Guinea, children

The beach near us

Village, Papua New Guinea, children

Back from the Village!


 All dressed up for a singsing!

Well we made it back from the village all in one piece! Thank you all for your prayers, they were much needed and appreciated while we stayed in the village. Please pray for us now as we go to Ukarumpa on Tuesday, find a house and settle into our new home. Stay tuned for more on our stay in the village!


 Evan and I with our wasmama and waspapa.

Bathtime-Wacky Wednesday


Bathtime in the river! This is the river that Evan and I are washing in everyday in the village that we are staying in, Lalok 5. In a Papua New Guinean village showers or bathtubs are unheard of. How do they wash everyday? The local watering hole. This river is a nice deep river, but most rivers that they have to wash in are not. Consider yourself lucky as you take that hot shower everyday!