Spring Break 2013 in Louisiana

LouisianaSpringBreak13_025Last week we spent spring break with Evan’s brother Justin and his friend Delaine! We had a blast getting to spend time together and camp out on the beaches of Louisiana. We made lots of memories having campfires every night, cooking good food on a dutch oven, our “pillow talks” under the stars, hammocking, our crazy neighbors and spending our last day in New Orleans. Here are some pictures from the week.

LouisianaSpringBreak13_001LouisianaSpringBreak13_002LouisianaSpringBreak13_003LouisianaSpringBreak13_004LouisianaSpringBreak13_005LouisianaSpringBreak13_011LouisianaSpringBreak13_019LouisianaSpringBreak13_020LouisianaSpringBreak13_023LouisianaSpringBreak13_028LouisianaSpringBreak13_031LouisianaSpringBreak13_036New Orleans, French QuarterLouisianaSpringBreak13_039LouisianaSpringBreak13_040LouisianaSpringBreak13_042LouisianaSpringBreak13_045LouisianaSpringBreak13_046LouisianaSpringBreak13_047LouisianaSpringBreak13_048LouisianaSpringBreak13_049LouisianaSpringBreak13_050LouisianaSpringBreak13_051


Ethnic Church Visit



We had such a great time last month at our training. One of my favorite parts was getting to visit Iglesia El Buen Pastor every Sunday while we were there. Our other classmates Ben and Bethany also came along with us. We had a great time each Sunday spending time with the people there and learning a little bit of Spanish. Above is a picture of all of us with some of the leaders of the church, including the elders and the pastor. We hope to be able to come visit them when we come back to North Carolina!

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